© 2012 Calemma L’INTARSIO SORRENTINO  dal 1910 INLAID WOOD WORKSHOP  since 1910 Michele Calemma has been a craftsman since he was born as he is the grandson of Eugenio,  master of inlaid wood works. Michele has followed the footsteps of his grandfather attending his  grandfather's shop from the age of seven.  The passion for craft of Calemma family, passed from father to son, inspired to high quality  creations. Talent is combined with innovation in constant search of new trends. Continuous  improvements make these items even more exclusive and original. The quality of the materials chosen, the manual and artistic skills of Michele together with  traditional methods have a key role in the whole artisanal process.  All his works suit classical and modern taste.  The tradition of arts and crafts of Master Michele  Calemma's work continue thanks to the passion and  dedication of his son Nello, who follows personally the  production of the objects carved in the workshop in 13 Via  San Vincenzo Strettola.   Michele Calemma Nello Calemma, son of Michele Grandfather The exhibition and sale of the inlaid works is in 4 Via  Santa Maria delle Grazie  in the historical centre of  Sorrento.  Historical Background of inlaid wood work of Sorrento  The inlaid wood items are a decorative work performed by cutting, layering and pasting  together various sheets of woods, with chiaroscuro effects obtained by the different colours  of veneer. Each inlaid item is unique which increases its value over time.  These wooden handicrafts have always  possessed a special charm due to the  combination of warm and delicate  colours that characterize these artistic   creations. All decorations are made of hundreds of small pieces, finely cut first and then  reassembled by the skilful hand of the craftsman.  This skill and technique  cannot be replaced by any machine. The shades are made by various hot  sand baths and, where needed, with details hand finished with ink.  The raw  material used is a careful selection of precious woods such as elm, walnut,  poplar, rosewood, ebony, natural and stained Maple, in order to obtain the  desired polychrome effect.  The exhibition in Via S.M. delle Grazie, 4 - Sorrento